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Who We Service

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Office Buildings

A work place can be a "home away from home" to some, so having a clean and sanitized work environment can boost productivity and morality. Also, we can assure you that your office will look spotless when the next VIP client walks through.

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Having a clean financial institution can promote trust to your clients that are their for your financial help. Let them know you are a professional institution that cares about their financial needs and their health.

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Fitness Centers

Your clients are using your facility amenities and equipment to better themselves in a healthy way. Help them reach their goals by assuring them that your facility is being disinfected properly.

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Retail Stores

For the amount of clients you have going through your facility, sanitization is top priority. Assure them that they are getting the best deals while walking through your disinfected facility.

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Government Buildings

Buildings of high importance to our society deserve to be cleaned to the highest standard. With that kind of civic obligation comes a wide range of visitors, responsibilities, and heavy foot traffic. So maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment is top priority.

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Property Management

Making sure your clients move-in to a clean property or when they move-out and ensure that your property is ready for the next client.

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Educational Buildings

Your educational buildings are attended by the youngest to the oldest client. So Ensuring that they are not being distracted and focused on what's really important.

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Car Dealerships

Buying a vehicle is a large purchase so first impression is key to gain trust from your clients. Also, we can't forget about the safety of your Technicians and that they start off their day with a clean work bay.

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Place of Worship

Make your sanctuary a welcoming place by ensuring that it is sanitized for all your congregation and visitors.


Post Construction/Renovation

Reimagining your building may get a little messy and it can be a safety concern. So ensure that the process is smooth with no hazards and that you walk into a clean building.

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Medical Facilities

Patients visit your facilities on a daily basis to be treated by your medical professionals. Ensure that they're being treated in a thoroughly sanitized environment.



Large scale operations means hundreds of employees under one roof. Health and Safety is our top priority to help prevent employees from getting injured and limit the possibility of spreading of any disease.

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